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Filetype specific notes
-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.


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HoverW:A icon pack (Other File Type)
This is an icon pack I created for use with W:A and the file types it uses (.WAgame, .BIT, .wsc, .wgt), as well as several icons for WormKit. - Comments SgtFusion []SgtFusion [W:A]143 [Download] (439.1 KB)
-Worms 4 Soundbank Editor (Other File Type)
Programs sbcomile.exe and sbextract.exe are written by Konstantin Khitrin, aka K^2, who takes no responsibility for anything these programs do or do not. Use at your own risk. Feel free to distribute these programs as you wish, but make sure you distribute this readme.txt with them. The programs are designed to help users edit sound banks in Worms4 Mayhem, by Team17. Creator of the programs is not associated with Team17 in any way. Worms4 Mayhem and Team17 are trade marks of Team17. sbextract.exe will ask for the name of the sound bank to be extracted. For example, if you want to extract the sound bank stored in voclassi.sab, enter voclassi Make sure that files voclassi.sab and voclassi.sob are present in the same directory as sbextract.exe. The program will analyze the speach bank files and write arround 100 wave files into the same directory. All files are 16 bits 2 chanel audio at 16000Hz. sbcompile.exe works in a similar way. The .sob, .sab files and all or some .wav files generated with sbextract.exe (or user files with same names) must be present in the same directory as sbcompile.exe. After the name of the sound bank is entered, the program will re-build the .sab file using the .wav files that it found. If a file is not found, original data from .sab file is kept. NOTE: The sbcompile.exe replaces the sound bank's contents with user data, so back up the files before using it. If you want to contact me about this program, write to - Comments Worms 4 Soundbank []krdrt5367 548 [Download] (72.4 KB)
-Worms Blast Voices *Teaser* (Other File Type)
Pack of voices from Worms Blast, all in the crispy-quality for your ears to listen! It covers only two characters, Boggy B and Suzette, but I'll add rest of them as I have time. - Comments juhis []juhis 381 [Download] (2.9 MB)
File PreviewThe Normal Training Mission (Other File Type)
For w;a. If you put ArtilerryMode=0 Ammo_____=-1 in the Euthanasia Training, don't need Dowloading. - Comments JPedro []Unvalidated EmailJPedro [W:A]455 [Download] (107.4 KB)
File PreviewSonic Fan Pack (Version 4.1) (Other File Type)
Well, this is a Sonic Fan Pack for every Sonic fan who play Worms. Yes, I deleted the last one, but this has everything you can find I uploaded in this website already integrated, and ever more! If you want fun and happiness, this is for you. So... thank you for downloading, and have fun! :D - Comments MilesPrower []MilesPrower [W:A][WWP]714 [Download] (4.4 MB)
-WAGoodies V1.03 (Other File Type)
If you saw the version 1.00,1.01 & 1.02, you know what it is. If not, this is a super goodies pack from Worms to Windows. It contains 25 system sounds, 13 cursors (large & small), 5 system icons and 6 1024x768 wallpapers. when you'll download the file, you'll see only a setup.exe file. Launch it and all the goodies will be installed alone. Readme is included into. Older releases can be found at my ESNIPS profile page (View my BTP profile page). A big thanks to [B]Pac-Man, who was really helpful for this pack (have a look in the readme). Tips for Windows 2000 or less. Note: All the colors are in RGB (Red/Green/Blue): If you want a Worms Skin, right-click on your desktop, click properties/appearance. Active Title Bar (Color 1=151/75/0) (Color 2=255/160/66) (Font= Tahoma 8 white Color=255/255/255) Inactive Title Bar (Color 1=206/138/64) (Color 2=5/165/250) (Font=Tahoma 8 Bold color=216/216/216) Desktop color=0/0/0 3D objects color = 234/204/172. I've a Win2K Theme. E-mail me if you want it. Well, I hope you'll enjoy, and any feedback is WELCOME! - Comments MilesPrower []MilesPrower 750 [Download] (1.9 MB)
-Maximum fly (Other File Type)
New scheme and map i invented..TRy it rules are on map and easy! - Comments Reboot/ LOLLKILLER []Unvalidated EmailReboot [W:A]658 [Download] (35.7 KB)
-My FAQ (Other File Type)
I've been working on this damn thing since Xmas Eve! Well, here it is: The Amutar's Guide to Worms Armageddon. - Comments Shirdel []Shirdel [W:A]2518 [Download] (10.9 KB)
-Worms 4 Modified weapons (Other File Type)
My modified weapons (names weapons in Polish) - Comments Wohm []Wohm 844 [Download] (34.8 KB)
HoverConsoler worms flame on computer (Other File Type)
Consoler worm flame on computer :D - Comments Wohm []Wohm 664 [Download] (32 KB)
File PreviewShoppa and WxW - create! (Other File Type)
Landscapes for shoppa and WxW - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W2][W:A][WWP]862 [Download] (407.9 KB)
Hoverlookias.tiles (Other File Type)
1 warmer 6 ropers in png format - Comments lookias []lookias [W:A]700 [Download] (1.2 MB)
-Joke-Program (Other File Type)
Just a stupid program for making hundreds of Message Boxes. Use this to play a trick on your friends. - Comments Pac-Man [B]Pac-Man 725 [Download] (227.3 KB)
File PreviewWWP High Definition Icon (Other File Type)
A high definition WWP icon, for use in Windows Vista etc. - Comments Pac-Man [S]Bloopy [WWP]921 [Download] (351.5 KB)
File PreviewUltimate WWP Hosting Guide (Version 2) (Other File Type)
Update to the hosting guide. Now includes a great place to go to learn how to forward necessary ports on your router. - Comments KerplunK []KerplunK [WWP]1004 [Download] (133.8 KB)
File PreviewScheme pack (Other File Type)
The largest scheme pack EVER made ^^ - Comments -=Spriral=- [B]-=Spriral=- [W:A]1324 [Download] (5 KB)
File PreviewWormy cursors (Other File Type)
Here are some wormy cursors. - Comments Skip-go []M2 898 [Download] (15.1 KB)
File PreviewWormy icons (Other File Type)
Here are some wormy icons. - Comments Skip-go []M2 863 [Download] (2.6 KB)
Hoverworms animation.gif (Other File Type)
a very funny :D .gif made by myself, and for my team - Comments itsme []ItsMe [WWP]1410 [Download] (236 KB)
-Worms icons 1.0 (Other File Type)
A few icons for your worms armageddon.Just open zip and copy files from zip to folder. - Comments <S.A.S> Sidewinder [G]sidewinder [W2][W:A][WWP]1055 [Download] (11.2 KB)
HoverWorms3D Font (Other File Type)
The font from Worms 3D - Comments Team17 [S]Bloopy 1127 [Download] (40 KB)
-wormz cursors (Other File Type)
a set of custom made cursors by grunt121 for windows (plz vote) - Comments grunt121 []grunt121 [W2][W:A][WWP]961 [Download] (30.9 KB)
HoverPeltzis map making pack 2 (Other File Type)
New version of Peltzi's map making pack. Updated readme file and some new elements. Still contains useful information like jump heights and worm dimensions. Have fun! - Comments Peltzi []Peltzi [W2][W:A][WWP]1545 [Download] (207.4 KB)
-10 good shoppa levs fixed version (Other File Type)
sorry i already sent you a zip a few of those levels have errors that i fixed in this version/zip, so put this one on your site instead of my last zip i sent. this is a 10-pack zip of wwp shoppa levels, they are very good and unique - Comments cyclonis (peter t) []cyclonis [WWP]1210 [Download] (34 KB)
-10 good shoppa levels (Other File Type)
10 good shoppa levels very unique(note to staff couldnt get preview pics of maps working so i put all 10 maps into a zip, i hope u have time to fix this problem as i tried my hardest to figure out how to screenshot but it didnt work) - Comments Peter T (cyclonis) []cyclonis [WWP]1050 [Download] (33.8 KB)
-Sprite Editor (Other File Type)
For those who were trying to find it when BTP crashed. - Comments Fudgeboy, I think..? [G]hot gravy [W:A]1388 [Download] (215.6 KB)
File PreviewWA Forum Sprites (Other File Type)
A modification for Worms Armageddon which changes some of the sprites in the game. Instructions are included in a readme. Visit to find out more. - Comments Alien King [S]Bloopy [W:A]1824 [Download] (2.6 MB)
HoverPeltzis map making pack (Other File Type)
Free your creativity. This file is very useful for beginner map makers, but professional map makers can find the information this file contains VERY useful. Rate, please. Works best with WWP. --THIS IS AN OLD VERSION-- Newer version available from - Comments Peltzi []Peltzi [W2][W:A][WWP]1472 [Download] (248.9 KB)


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Where do you download mission.
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So-called "isolated" soundbanks have been replaced with a single Sonic Battle soundbank. Enjoy.
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how to make your own flag & grave?
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Every goddamn copy of SchemeWorks are infected with viruses.
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I'm uploading my own LEGO Island 2 soundbank!!!!!!!!!! !!
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