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This section is designed for two purposes. The first purpose is to help those new to WormNet who need info about the commonly played gametypes, and the second is for others to add some of the lesser known types, to create an extensive list of gametypes.

Name Description Version
-Aaamazingly fun- DONKEYFLY Fly without weapons, must win the game by consistently performing the hottest fly tricks!
1 Rule "Only Crates"-ish game with a twist Original
Amazin Bungee Game Bungee Shoppa-like game
animal Duel Two worms duel on a girder + animals
AquasheepWar Sheep flying battle, without forts
Arch Contest Do arches (roping moves, a.k.a. mexis) to gain points until time runs out. 2.1
Arrow assassin Hire those assassins! 1.0
Basketball grenade Needa shoot the nade and score
Battle Race This is the race where you walk and jump from start to finish, with a little help from a few weapons. Supposedly originated in Worms2, and was brought to Worms Armageddon by Garg0yle. Normal
BnA It's the Longbow Olympics!
BnG - Bazooka 'n' Grenade Use Bazookas (zooks) and Grenades (nades) to attack your opponents
Board Game One of the rarest games ever
Boom Race Worms are anchored and you must use explosions to propell your worm to the finish Original
Boom Race Worms can walk and jump, and you must use nade jumps etc. to get over obstacles. Unanchored
Bungee Pro Pro Bungee Game Pro
Bungee Race In this game you use elite bungee skills to fling yourself all over the map
Bunny Track ++ Doh! Doh!... try again...
Cannon Rope Race Rope Race with Cannons.
Complex Rules Normal Only crates tournament Original
cricket afb fort
DiePie (deluxe edition) Die pie, DIE!!! 0.97
DONKEYFLY Fly without weapons, must win the game by consistently performing the hottest fly tricks!
Doper Proper drills only
DriveBy Fast rope game in wascar map.
Eltroper Elite Roper
Farm Fury A Shoppa type game with farm animals v1.0
Fire Jumping olympics/Nade jumping Use Nades to jump across fire
FiringRange Mainly Bow & Shotgun
Flood Race Flood enimes!
FlyShopper Shopper but with a topless map and big space in the middle!
follow though roping game V1
Football put enemy in goal
Fortress/Fort Red and blue teams start off on opposite ends of a symetrical map and hit each other.
Game for shooters Prove your accuracy 1.0
Game for Shooters / G4S A game for snipers 1.0
Granny Wars Ah... GRANNYS 1
Hole in one Blast worms to a hole 1.0
Holy War Holy hand grenades + girder pack + blank map = War of all wars...
Homing Battle Pummel your opponents with homing missiles!
Hostage play on a shoppa map-2 players at best-memorize turn order and stand next to an enemy worm that doesnt go next 1.0
HymnShoppa Like a shopper but with Hymn B4 Attack
Jet 'n' Fight W3D only, Jetpack to your enemy, and kill them with e.g. Fire Punch.
Jet Pack Race A race through a maze using Jetpacks.
Kamikaze Race What seems to be my favorite type of game.
Kings Army A long game sorta like fort but u have to kill the kings.
Looser Try to be last.
Mach001 Its mach 001 unknown
Mail Delivery Kill the Enemy with Mail Delivery 1.0
Mine Ball You are anchored, you lay a bunch of mines, and hit them to an opponent to knock them in water
Mine Ball Place mines and hit them at other players.
Mine Pitting you drops mines in pits and try to be the last one to survive WWP
Mush Room Mode A interesting concept for 4 players game
Naderace Only nades to race
Nurmal wwp normal scheme
Petrol Race Use and petrol bombs to blast your way to the finish
Pro Rope Race Race with roper with 15-20 sec turns/ Pro
proper zooking shoot zook from a rope
RFW rope for weapons
Rope Race Race to the marked finish using the rope to get you there
Rope Race A rope race where time goes up. Time Trial
Roper Pro Rope to collect the crate then attack the leader
RR An RR with teleports Teleport
Russian Roulette Russian Roulette!! v 1.0
Sheep Glitch many sheeps to plop the opp
Shoppa Elite shoppa, gametype developed for people with alot of experience in shoppa. It's an ant-noob game in which the strongest players will win. SPAZ
Shopper this version is played on a wascar map or similar and you must complete a lap before attack Drive By
Shopper a 10 or 15 sec shopper with instant mines and drop weapons Speed
Shopper Try to be Last Loser
Shopper / Roper Shopper Use the rope to collect the weapon crate and then attack anyone not in last position
Skip Contest Skip contest, eh.
Strategic Match (SM) Jump, move fast and kill your enemy. No Noob shit, this is one serious game type. 1.0
Suicide Fly Flying out of a box into water, first one to lose all worms wins!
Super Sheep Game Super sheep and health crates only 1
Superduper Shopper A variation on the shopper... well, sorta.
SuperSheepAttack Collect 3 Crates at Least with Super Sheep Before Attack By Khalid
Surf Shoppa 5k1m 5uM Wo12mz0rzZ 1.0
Swimma Nowhere is safe. Drown worms by knocking them off the tiny bit of land that they cling too. 1
Tag Roper Roping With Speed! v1.2
Team17 Worms start with basic weapons and collect crates
Teleport Race Wait for your crate to drop and teleport to it as fast and accurately as you can during your one second. If you get a shotgun from the crate you have many options, including killing other worms, working towards other crates, or going after the target. v1.0
The Normal a simple game for all n%bs 1.0
Time Trial Rope Race Much like a regular rope race, but slighty different.
Tomb Climbing Think and make tactics
Tournament Shopper Shoppa w/ more rounds and more rules! v1.0
Traitor Fort Red and green worms start on one fort, blue and yellow worms start on the other. First
Walk For Weapons A board game like scheme with wormy attributes
Wascar the map is usually an oval or oblong racetrack and you rope to complete the most laps
Wermball Flying worms! 1.0
wFLYw WxW and Fly together at last!
WildWestForts / WWFort Fort with LOW hp and weapons
Worm Cannon Blow worms out of cannons and through the targets 1.0
Worm Golf Golf with worms!
Worm skate A sk8ing theme worm match 1.0
Worm Tank Fort Style game with Tanks
Worm Toobs FFA Death Match
Wormopoly Monopoly for wa/wwp(offline) 1
Worms and Worms Wormy version of Noughts and Crosses. 1.0
wXw Very popular roping game
wxw saftyzone ALMOST the sme as wxw unknown

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[]Peltzi Said:
OH great, thank you, Bloopy. In that case I've invented a new gametype. Yahhoooo!
[22.10.05 06:40 AM]

[G]hot gravy Said:

Use baseball bats, fire punches and prods to put your enemy's in the hole!

[21.02.06 02:47 PM]

[G]schmendrik Said:
Added Looser
[24.02.06 02:10 PM]

[]EvilWeevil Said:
Heh, in Team17 it says "unknown where the name of the scheme originated". I guess I'm just too damn clever.;)
[27.05.06 07:51 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
and where is "jump race"???!
[16.06.07 01:35 PM]

[]Shirdel Said:
Where is "Mole Shoppa"???!
[21.06.07 01:47 PM]

[]AlphaWolf Said:
...How do you play Russian Roulette in Worms???
[26.06.07 03:48 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
eeerrrf tower raaacee
[29.09.07 07:36 AM]

[]SouthX Said:
It's Russian Roulette... with homing missiles!
[29.11.07 04:00 AM]

[]kellykel Said:
You know I'm a dancing machine
[15.08.09 12:12 PM]

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