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[]doben Said:
that's easy! don't make maps with BitMonkey *cough*
[09.06.08 04:20 PM]

[]Indianafabbe Said:
how do i download this to worms armageddon?

[18.06.08 06:08 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
[28.09.08 02:15 AM]

[]XTApocalypse Said:
What the fook? One of my maps says 'Rated 2 times' and it has 5 white stars. How do you rate a map with 0? T_T
[27.12.08 01:00 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWormer21 Said:
I don't know :lol:
[18.02.09 11:17 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailTheMaster Said:
how do make a map?
[18.02.10 03:25 PM]

[]brandnew1234 Said:
Sorry but how can I download the map to WWP ?
[15.09.10 10:56 AM]

[]SistemSensin Said: mp;ved=0CB4QFjABOBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2 .html&ei=khoxTdG6IMPIswa11uWzCg& usg=AFQjCNF0LEAljFKjSKv8l3oxJFL9Gw-Seg
[15.01.11 03:55 AM]

[]wormack Said:
Download my map.. Seach Author: wormack
[31.07.11 08:28 AM]

[]ohms Said:
Added a few maps I've made recently. Search for maps made by 'ohms'.
Give 'Blue Cavern' a try!

[20.06.13 11:26 AM]

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