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[]DarkLordX Said:
Crap... call me stupid, but now I can't find the Mission Editing program...
[18.01.07 06:17 AM]

[ES]Pioneer322 Said:
Mission editor is like 50mb, thats why you dont see it around..
its also on your wwp disc

[18.01.07 06:43 AM]

[]Shirdel wants to know: WHO THE LIVING HELL IS xNCYxNonExistant?!!!
[22.05.07 03:21 PM]

[]SouthX wants to know why the hell you care so much.
[26.05.07 03:21 AM]

[]Shirdel Said:
Because he's my arch-enemy and if I find who he is he's never gonna escape me and will have to quit worms if he wants to go away and anyway, how do you play those recorded files?
[26.05.07 11:37 AM]

[]SouthX Said:
Wowzorz. You're touched.
[13.08.07 12:23 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[09.09.07 12:47 AM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
The little box of horrors is a nice way to stalk your files >=)

nah joke!

[15.09.08 11:43 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailRuben Said:
I guys i want to post a soundbank but it don't let me.
[04.12.10 06:48 PM]

[]MacOSX Said:
I am on my Box of horrors
[21.12.10 06:58 PM]

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