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Main BTP Stuff
General stuff
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 [No New Posts] BlameTheGeneralDiscussion
Plain 'ol general stuff, non-game specific stuff goes in here
Moderated by:[]DarkOne, []The Pope
279961481[BTP Team: Keypre...]
02.12.13 21:42
By [S]Bloopy
 [No New Posts] BlameTheMoney
Talk about money and new money ideas, such as new games or activities
Moderated by:[]The Pope
3983150[rps that make money]
14.09.11 09:06
By [B]jerry0503222
 [No New Posts] BlameTheAuctions
For all your auctioning needs!
64624[what exactly can...]
16.11.04 14:36
By []Khuzad
BlameTheOffTopic Forums
Its all their fault!
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 [No New Posts] BlameTheGeneralOffTopic
Off Topic Stuff, Not related to worms, or another off topic place
Moderated by:[]Glenn, []The Pope
294271059[Thread For Jokes]
15.12.13 22:35
By [S]Bloopy
 [No New Posts] BlameTheJudges
A Forum for any contests you might have
2443135[Kitchens London ...]
24.12.13 23:49
By []TheAbdBoy
 [No New Posts] BlameTheArt
Art Chat, including animation and other lobbocks
Moderated by:[]The Pope, []Glenn
11787315[do u like my ava...]
26.08.13 19:26
By []TheAbdBoy
 [No New Posts] BlameTheJoypad
A Discussion forum for computer games of all kinds
Moderated by:[]Zippy
2034105[Xfire name exchange]
01.03.06 15:13
By [G]xskatex
 [No New Posts] BlameTheTypewriter
Post your random stories here
48528[Old Bloopbeard's...]
07.02.11 04:55
By [S]Bloopy
 [No New Posts] BlameTheRPG
Roleplay your wormy characters here
Moderated by:[]Psymon, []joetheeskimo5, []TheAbdBoy
230490[CVB3: The animat...]
01.09.13 06:50
By [S]Bloopy
Other Stuff
Other stuff relating to BTP
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 [No New Posts] BlameTheHelp
Get help on anything BTP, or not BTP, whatever. Also request HELP! Articles to be written etc. etc.
4402398[RR-generator v0.8]
27.06.11 14:39
By []SnipeR
 [No New Posts] BlameTheSuggestions
Suggestions for things to be added/changed to/with BTP
16.08.11 05:35
By [B]Hanna
Wormy Discussion
Game Discussion Goes Hither
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 [No New Posts] Worms 3D Discussion
General Worms 3D Discussion
79158[Worms 3D/4M Map ...]
10.02.12 10:05
By []Unvalidated Emailnadiya2000
 [No New Posts] Worms World Party Discussion
General WWP Discussion
2320237[Real compatibili...]
12.06.13 00:07
By []StepS
 [No New Posts] Worms:Armageddon Discussion
General W:A Discussion
2271224[New Icons for W:A]
13.06.13 05:24
By []SgtFusion
 [No New Posts] Worm Forts: Under Siege
General Forts Speculation and Information
23.07.13 06:02
By []aiza
 [No New Posts] Other Wormy Games
Other Wormy Talk
747493[Kitchen Cabinets...]
26.04.13 01:16
By []sikilan12
Request Forums
Request Forums
Posts Threads Last Post
 [No New Posts] Request Forums
Request Forums
26.09.13 09:14
By []yaniya
HHC Forum(s)
Forum(s) for HHC's Worms Portal
Posts Threads Last Post
 [No New Posts] HHC's Worms Portal Discussion
Talk about maps, flags, jetpack racers, or talk with HHC
Moderated by:[G]hhc
11239[New site/section...]
13.08.03 19:38
By [G]hhc
General Clan Forums
Hosted forums for various clans
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 [No New Posts] [BTP] Clan Forum
BlameThePixel's own multi-game clan
Moderated by:[]TheAbdBoy, []SPAZ, []Glenn, [ES]Pioneer322
59631[Just registered ...]
07.08.05 20:44
By []Glenn
 [No New Posts] IyM clan forums
For IyM clan members to post thoughts etc.
Moderated by:[]DuN
243[Random chat forum]
30.05.05 21:11
By []DuN
 [No New Posts] COT Clan
Creators of Tomorrow. I wonder what tomorrow will be like.
Moderated by:[G]pimp_popo
10412[COT in FB]
22.10.05 13:57
By [G]aragorn
 [No New Posts] Contra Clan Forum Archives
Contra Clan Forum Archives (Can't I delete this one too?)
04.02.05 08:02
By [G]the candy man
 [No New Posts] Worms Armageddon 'N Square-Enix Forums
Now that i've condensed these into 1, can I delete it?
Moderated by:[]TheAbdBoy
3483152[wahhhey there]
08.12.09 04:23
By []TheAbdBoy
 [No New Posts] Verm Clan Forum
General Verm Clan Discussion
Moderated by:[G]jay, []networm
18.11.04 16:18
By []Psymon
 [No New Posts] WormsXTreme Clan Forum
Can I delete this?
Moderated by:[]_DeathBringer_, []DeathBringer
17416[The News.]
10.01.05 01:51
By []DeathBringer
 [No New Posts] WrU Clan Forum
What does this stand for?
Moderated by:[]Star Worms, []Glenn, [G]xxfuzzballxx, []Psymon
580110[Goodbye, Farewel...]
02.04.05 06:50
By []Glenn
 [No New Posts] MoR Clan Forum
What does this stand for?
Moderated by:[G]dvious
31.05.04 18:58
By []Zippy
 [No New Posts] DMT Clan Forum
What does this stand for?
Moderated by:[]RunT, []Pilki-AKA-Gollum
93063[New clan site]
10.04.05 04:31
By []RunT
 [No New Posts] Zlooky Clan Forum
General Zlooky Clan Discussion
Moderated by:[]Archamond
16013[New clan leader]
23.05.04 17:40
By []Zippy

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