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[G]caringpeach Said:
Gey bears just so ugly and dumb and sonic998259 has a coment for all of you
[09.10.06 05:12 PM]

[G]caringpeach Said:
How do you buy a house In pixiville?

[09.10.06 05:13 PM]

[G]caringpeach Said:
how much is it to say so long for well its time to say good-bye for me and u u and u
[09.10.06 05:14 PM]

[G]caringpeach Said:
lol my brother says boom headshot!

[09.10.06 05:15 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[27.01.07 01:40 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
I ain't been her yet! :O
...I should fix that.

[20.07.07 07:17 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
not? damned you always know where i posted a comment to post yours einfach nur so`??````
[02.08.07 07:55 PM]

[]ThexDarksider Said:


[01.07.08 11:40 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
Yay! No new comments posted within 24 hours!

D'oh! I posted one >_<

[27.07.08 03:52 AM]

[]MacOSX Said:
Commenting on comment page. lolololol :D
[21.12.10 06:56 PM]

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