BTP Ultimate Map Pack v2!

This is the ultra mega super duper gold platinum plus2 map pack from BTP. All these maps came from the user YoYo, so thank him for downloading the internet :P.
Things are different now than the last pack. Maps are now sorted, but not all of them. Check the Unsorted zipfile for more. Big thanks to MilesPrower for having the mappack after the accidental deletion, and sorting the maps.

-Map Pack [ALL]-

Contains all of the maps from each section. [176 MB] - Total files: 7335.


[82 MB] - Total files: 3674. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[1.7 MB] - Total files: 109. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[2.4 MB] - Total files: 116. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[0.9 MB] - Total files: 92. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[0.2 MB] - Total files: 17. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[4.5 MB] - Total files: 236. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Jetpack Race

[0.4 MB] - Total files: 23. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Rope Race

[18 MB] - Total files: 892. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[10 MB] - Total files: 497. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[30 MB] - Total files: 1224. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[2 MB] - Total files: 141. [DOWNLOAD NOW]


[0.7 MB] - Total files: 176. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Your Comments: (show all 79 comments)

[B]Pac-Man Said:
zip... is also used for packed...
[20.08.08 10:03 AM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
meh, fu** off, they're "RARed"
[20.08.08 02:28 PM]

[]Unvalidated Email|BLP|jImlAd Said:
who wants a shoppa against me or WxW or rr

[20.11.08 07:29 PM]

[]Unvalidated EmailDark Said:
ive downloaded it but how do i make it work in worms world party?

[08.03.09 01:25 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWormager Said:
It's a lot of maps.Nice work
[26.03.09 08:22 PM]

[]Spiky Said:
well i downloaded this but i can't get it to work ... any help please ?
[16.09.09 05:47 PM]

[]Spiky Said:
worms armageddon new edition btw
[16.09.09 05:47 PM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWormZ Said:
Yea. I have 10000 :D
[25.09.09 08:27 PM]

[ES]Pioneer322 Said:
File host that I had the megamappack on said byebye... and I don't have the map pack.
Screwed over yet again!

[02.08.10 10:18 AM]

[]Sir Crescendo Said:
Nice I'm happy there actually were my maps too. Qarrpizz = me, that was like 6-7 years ago
[21.08.10 11:30 PM]

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