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Your Comments: (show all 32 comments)

[]Matix Said:
speak spanish?
[13.09.05 01:31 PM]

[]ArcBeetle Said:
No, only English ;)
[13.09.05 04:17 PM]

[]joetheeskimo5 Said:
Habla un poco espanol.

I'm SO cool now, eh? ;)

[23.09.05 12:49 AM]

[G]yourmama2hot4me Said:
when u down load stuff like scheme u must first set it to all fileso it will show up
[06.11.05 04:13 PM]

[]Unvalidated EmailQataton Said:
there is no way to be a host with an ip such as ''192.168.xx.xx'' ?
[29.11.06 03:18 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailQataton Said:
there is no way to be a host with an ip such as ''192.168.xx.xx'' ?
[29.11.06 03:20 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
and again something SPECIAL^^
[05.08.07 10:22 PM]

[]Unvalidated Emailgeorgedcfc Said:
i downloaded maps put them in import folder and it wont show up then load menu. how come??????????????????????
[25.10.07 08:17 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
This is a comment for the future new user: Welcome to BTP. I hope you'll have fun!
[24.06.08 05:16 PM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
darn. I can't sign up for a new account :(.
[12.10.10 01:32 PM]

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