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[S]Bloopy Said:
not a bad idea :) so would it be sensible to see other people's redirects so u know what ones are taken?
[20.02.03 07:28 AM]

[S]Zogger! Said:
yeh I was going to do that when other ppl acutally made them

[20.02.03 04:34 PM]

[]the sCorPion Said:
join the scorpions n`get your own nick name!;)
[08.10.03 10:12 AM]

[]rl47 Said:
nobody ever comes here!!!!!
[18.08.04 02:45 AM]

[]Jakel Said:
[20.08.05 10:13 AM]

[G]ivan Said:
[11.04.06 12:11 PM]

[G]tiger-m Said:
[06.05.06 10:45 PM]

[]Sir RD Said:
where i creat a map ????
[02.08.06 04:09 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
NOT here
[26.08.07 12:24 AM]

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