Text Fiddling

These are some of the less useful, but possibly fun pages. The following will change your text depending on which one you choose. The first one causes normal text that was typed into become 1337-like. The second one causes 1337tised text to become normal like again. The last link causes text to reverse. Enjoy.
Text Reverser

Your Comments:

[]MrrLL Said:
And by the power of the sun god, 1337tiser, de-1337tiser, and text reverser JOIN FORCES AS ONE!1
[06.04.06 02:07 AM]

[]EvilWeevil Said:
Second comm...I mean what a lovely day it is today.
[04.10.06 02:39 AM]

[]Spleet Said:
It's never lonely with []Spleet around :D
[13.10.06 06:57 PM]

[]B!G B!LLY Said:
O_O so maany comments here.
[29.11.06 02:14 PM]

[]DarkLordX Said:
I know. Scary. o_o
[18.01.07 06:50 PM]

[]Shirdel Said:
Sticks and Stones may break my Bones, but comments will never harm me :D
[18.04.07 10:58 AM]

[]SouthX Said:
[15.07.07 03:26 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
oh no
[26.08.07 12:39 AM]

[]AlphaWolf Said:
No, there aren't.
[06.12.10 07:33 AM]

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