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Filetype specific notes
-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.


Prev. Name Description Author Uploaded by Works with DLs B Download
-Command Missions (WWP User Mission)
Play a variety of missions that will test your skill in combat - Comments Toteman and Salvador []salvadorc17 [WWP]219 [Download] (979.9 KB)
HoverDomino Effect (WWP User Mission)
A fun kill-em-all type of mission made out of pure boredom. - Comments qarrpizz []qarrpizz [WWP]217 [Download] (14.1 KB)
-Jesus Crist (WWP User Mission)
Kill the knights! - Comments Ruben []Unvalidated EmailRuben [WWP]276 [Download] (41.8 KB)
-Shoppa Training (WWP User Mission)
This is a Shoppa Traing - Comments rodrigo []Unvalidated EmailRodrigo [WWP]904 [Download] (62.6 KB)
-Problems on the castle! (WWP User Mission)
The goal of this mission is to save your friend, who has been kidnapped by the enemy and drugged. You must hurry, because they're half-gods! Save your friend, kill the king, and GTFO. Good luck and have fun! - Comments jovallee/MilesPrower []MilesPrower [WWP]787 [Download] (478.5 KB)
-Hangover Hell (WWP User Mission)
Destroy the drunks with old ladies! - Comments Frillydilly []Frillydilly [WWP]707 [Download] (16.3 KB)
-Worm Golf (WWP User Mission)
Play golf with the enemy as the golf ball. - Comments Frillydilly []Frillydilly [WWP]936 [Download] (11.7 KB)
-Make fast (WWP User Mission)
Make fast and get the marked crate!i!i!i This is a co- operative game for 2 player. Have fun! - Comments Plitz []plitz [WWP]809 [Download] (15.6 KB)
-Emo Machines (WWP User Mission)
This is a mission to simply kill yourself, the map is made out of 3 machines that are made the same way as my "chaos theory" and "a rube goldberg" missions. I made is mostly for the fact that it's an easier way to test new graves that you've created, and partly for the lulz. And yes, you still win in the end. - Comments Simski []Simski [WWP]783 [Download] (11.3 KB)
-A Rube Goldberg (WWP User Mission)
This is mostly my "Chaos Theory" mission, only it's been improved and extended. But sadly there's no theme for the map. I'd like if anyone else would feel like doing it though. - Comments Simski []Simski [WWP]763 [Download] (26.6 KB)
-A Rube Goldberg (WWP User Mission)
This is mostly my "Chaos Theory" mission, only I have updated and added alot to it. Sadly I couldn't think of a nice theming... - Comments Simski []Simski [WWP]684 [Download] (26.6 KB)
-Minefield Of Death (WWP User Mission)
It's an intresting mission. This just saves putting a bunch of mines on your area. Read the description. - Comments UengB07 []UengB07 [WWP]749 [Download] (9.7 KB)
-Shirdel's WfW missions (WWP User Mission)
First 2 Rope Race missions, then 2 Walk For Weapon missions! - Comments Shirdel []Shirdel [WWP]786 [Download] (350.8 KB)
-Shirdel's RR missions (WWP User Mission)
Whoever said you only had too put in 1 mission at a time? :D Walk For Weapons missions coming any moment now. - Comments Shirdel []Shirdel [WWP]798 [Download] (135 KB)
File PreviewMing Vase-Express (WWP User Mission)
Another Single-Player-Mission with a cool foto-terrain. You have to kill all worms with the help of infinite mingvases. Smash it! - Comments Pac-Man [B]Pac-Man [WWP]1041 [Download] (173.9 KB)
File PreviewHoming-Missile-Training (WWP User Mission)
You think this training is easy, cuz you have missiles? Ha! Try it yourself! - Comments Pac-Man [B]Pac-Man [WWP]1151 [Download] (140.7 KB)
-Fort Tactoinz (WWP User Mission)
Its a WMM duel... 2 Forts, events... nJoY! =) - Comments RadicaL []RadicaL [WWP]1116 [Download] (14.1 KB)
-Icey Warmer (WWP User Mission)
Another weird mission made by me. Play for a few turns... you'll see. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]1095 [Download] (41.1 KB)
-Teflon's Pans (WWP User Mission)
A map by my m8 Teflon, coloring and mission done by me. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]969 [Download] (50 KB)
-Blackhawk's Revenge (WWP User Mission)
A nice map with a nice texture - warmer. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]1031 [Download] (101.9 KB)
-Dogma Reborn (WWP User Mission)
old school warmer - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]1010 [Download] (70.2 KB)
-Sheep Race (WWP User Mission)
the Mission i Made is a Sheep race Between 2 Players, The first who Collects the Vital Crate. - Comments Genral Shnizel [G]genralshnizel [WWP]1017 [Download] (27.4 KB)
-Mad Ownage (WWP User Mission)
It's a warmer; twas one of the first color maps ever made for worms. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]981 [Download] (42.8 KB)
-Chaos Theory 1.1 (WWP User Mission)
I made the mission terrain look better, feel free to change or expand the map if you want. It's a map where you kill your worm, and still win. - Comments Simski []Simski [WWP]1094 [Download] (21.4 KB)
-Fun With Physics (WWP User Mission)
A mission demonstrating some worms physics editting. (Very Strange) - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]1521 [Download] (13.1 KB)
-Walk For Weapons (WWP User Mission)
I wanted to bring WFW to WWP somehow. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [WWP]1087 [Download] (32.8 KB)
-Crate Race (WWP User Mission)
Some multiplayer missions where you race to destroy a crate - Comments ManicMan [G]manicman [WWP]1510 [Download] (23.8 KB)


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Where do you download mission.
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So-called "isolated" soundbanks have been replaced with a single Sonic Battle soundbank. Enjoy.
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how to make your own flag & grave?
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This grave are fantastics,

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Every goddamn copy of SchemeWorks are infected with viruses.
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I'm uploading my own LEGO Island 2 soundbank!!!!!!!!!! !!
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Can you make Kirby soundbanks and upload it?
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