Existing Rules for Glennglish

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Swap Rules

Find Replace
2 to
2day today
2nite tonight
3ps third person shooter
4 for
aim America Online Instant Messanger
ain't am not
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bk back
bl bad luck
brb be right back
BTP Blame the Pixel
c see
C1 White Bishop
can't cannot
cn can
cnt cannot
cul8r see you later
d the
dam damn
damit damnit
der there
don double or nothing
faq frequently asked questions
ffs for fuck's sake
fps first person shooter
ftw for the win
fu fuck you
fyi for your information
gd good
gfy good for you
gl good luck
glen Glenn
h8 hate
haf have
hafnt have not
havn't have not
i I
imho in my humble opinion
imo in my opinion
ISP Internet Service Provider
iyo in your opinion
l8r later
lil little
lk like
lmao laughing my ass off
lo hello
lol laugh out loud
m$ Microsoft
m8 mate
might've might have
mite might
mitehaf might have
mmorpg massively multiplayer role playing game
msg message
ne any
ne1 anyone
nxt next
o oh
omg oh my god
plz please
ppl people
r are
rite right
rite write
rm ReadMe
ro Ragnarok Online
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
roflmao rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
rotfl rolling on the floor laughing
rotflmao rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
rpg role playing game
rts real time strategy
shouldn't should not
shud should
shudnt should not
T17 Team 17
tbh to be honest
tbs turn based strategy
tH tundraH
tht that
tlk talk
tlkin talking
tps third person shooter
ttyl talk to you later
txt text
u you
u r you are
ur your
v very
wd well done
wht what
wouldn't would not
wtf what the fuck
wth what the hell
wud would
wudnt would not
y why
zog ZoGgEr!

Sentence Start/End Rules

Type Insert
End :The preceding has been approved by Glenn, the grammar nazi.
Start Glenn, the grammar nazi, has approved the following:

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Your Comments: (show all 22 comments)

[]Muzer Said:
13th <s>comic</s> comment! W00T!
[06.09.05 06:20 PM]

[]Muzer Said:
grr dang strikethrough!
[06.09.05 06:21 PM]

[G]blippy_worm Said:
does your language work? I wonder...
[18.11.05 11:44 PM]

[]Aku Said:
[12.11.06 02:54 PM]

[]B!G B!LLY Said:
[30.01.07 12:04 PM]

[]tope Said:
me pueden pasar sonidos de worms armageddon en español
[03.08.07 02:28 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
fuck is this boring
[20.01.08 04:59 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
[20.01.08 07:13 PM]

[]TheKax Said:
Who has made up the Finnish diealectizer rules? (I'm finn so I know the best and i have icluded the language after the word so it wudn't cofuzzle (bloop said that) you.
"several"(ENGLSH) is certainly not "sukläät"(FINNISH), "several"(ENG) is "pari"(FIN) or "muutama hassu"(FIN) and the weird word "sukläät"(FIN???) is "chocliit"(ENGL???) in English ("Chocolate" wud be "suklaa", so I quess "Sukläät" cud be "Chocliit";)

[07.09.08 02:54 PM]

[]TheKax Said:
Who the **** is messing these?! "tontulakki" is certainly not "chocolate"! "Tonttulakki" is the hat that Santa's helpers... Those pests you know... use.
[23.02.09 02:21 PM]

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