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6600Normal UserNormal User []!!PUNISHER!!200101.0408.07.07, 08:48Map DesignphpBB0
1375Banned UserBanned User [B]!Seigmann!181810.0619.12.03, 16:18Map DesignphpBB3
1501Normal UserNormal User []!Sugar!341902705.08.04, 10:00Map DesignphpBB3
6447Normal UserNormal User []!Tiger!36000.7230.03.08, 14:57Map DesignphpBB0
1991Normal UserNormal User []#pro.wwp | Blizzard900019.06.04, 10:03Map DesignphpBB0
4341Normal UserNormal User []$horty Pantz26000.5230.10.05, 05:35Map DesignphpBB0
3053Normal UserNormal User []$o$rabbit131002.6226.02.05, 16:20Map DesignphpBB0
7569Normal UserNormal User []((LOL))000030.11.99, 00:00Plain StylephpBB0
5437Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email([InFrA - ReD])000030.11.99, 00:00phpBB0
1509Normal UserNormal User []*crumpets*6710220.02.04, 10:57Map DesignphpBB0
7263Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email*KirA*11000.2220.05.08, 13:26Plain StylephpBB0
7023Normal UserNormal User []++M0RPH++233009.6600403.11.08, 16:55Map DesignphpBB0
6283Banned UserBanned User [B]-=Spriral=-76727497.619601.03.07, 06:01Map DesignphpBB3
6235Normal UserNormal User []-Beat-60006.215.02.07, 14:32Map DesignphpBB0
7131Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email-BRWarrior-4000.0827.02.08, 15:47Map DesignphpBB0
6541Normal UserNormal User []-Maximus-10000.225.06.07, 10:42Map DesignphpBB0
5073Normal UserNormal User []-sgt-KiLL-4000.0810.05.06, 03:23Map DesignphpBB0
313Normal UserNormal User []-TonY-257001317.04.03, 00:17Map DesignphpBB2
7788Normal UserNormal User []-wormager-245218.911.03.09, 12:59Map Designworms0
1973Normal UserNormal User [].dadio.13600212.05.04, 13:40Random DesignphpBB0
5902Normal UserNormal User [].Genesis7240014.480122.11.06, 10:22Map DesignphpBB0
7209Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email.OCB.000030.11.99, 00:00phpBB0
1599Normal UserNormal User []007Spidi257003.304.09.05, 17:21Hell DesignphpBB0
7160Normal UserNormal User []00Pixel0013000.2620.03.08, 11:47Map DesignphpBB0
6252Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email0o0heocon0o0000030.11.99, 00:00phpBB0
4423Normal UserNormal User []0_countrygir13000.2619.11.05, 09:09Map DesignphpBB0
6798Normal UserNormal User []1-up13000.2603.10.07, 13:07Map DesignphpBB0
8234Banned UserBanned User [B]123456789o97894500.56478327.09.10, 18:35Map DesignphpBB0
7358Normal UserNormal User []Unvalidated Email123X4000.0812.07.08, 09:09Map DesignphpBB0
3355Normal UserNormal User []14A_guy2000.0416.03.05, 12:48Map DesignphpBB0
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[]SouthX Said:
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[01.04.07 08:06 AM]

[]B!G B!LLY Said:
omg. ya both are everywhere....
[29 Queries, Page Loaded in 0.870557 Seconds] uhauahuhauuahua

[24.04.07 12:57 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
huaa :>
[29 Queries, Page Loaded in 0.802529 Seconds]

[08.06.07 05:13 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[12 Queries, Page Loaded in 0.005183 Seconds] YEAH!
[17.06.07 08:07 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
stfu was last aktive at 1999!
[23.08.07 02:25 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
its in. ok
[23.08.07 02:25 AM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! This page in your user profile is "List Assholes" XD XD XD
[06.06.08 03:08 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
Is it sad? BTP looks dead. There is more then 839 users who were never active. And maybe 500 other ones who aren't more active since 2005. What can we do?
[06.07.08 06:14 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
"...deleting them"
[07.10.08 05:28 PM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
[12.10.09 11:03 PM]

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