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Indeedy, if you want to link to us, then there are a few flavours of banner to choose from below. I would prefer it that you upload the banner to your own space (right click->save as) rather than linking straight to it, due to bandwidth usage...
The code for putting an ad on your site is (change imgname to the name of the image)...:

	<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="imgname.gif" border="0"></a>

Banner 1: BTP ad with white background

Banner 2: BTP ad with transparent background

Blue BTP Ad: Relating to the Blue Design

Banner 3: Bloopy's BTP ad 1:

Banner 4: Bloopy's BTP ad 2:

Banner 5: Pope's BTP ad 1:

Banner 6: Pope's BTP ad 2: "Under Above"

Banner 7: Pope's BTP ad 3:

Big Banner 1: Also relating to blue design

Big Banner 2: A nice lil' ad.

Unconformists' banner ;): Made by Arcade

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[G]$horty-pantz Said:
my webbi is sooo crap!
[18.02.06 01:30 PM]

[]Ninja Jedi Said:
Who am I? Lol.

I will add you to my forums links, once someone starts posting there!

[29.07.06 01:45 AM]

[]Ninja Jedi Said:
I've added your link on my Affiliates script using the small blue one with the worm on it. Now link to us!
[01.08.06 01:44 PM]

[ES]Pioneer322 Said:
you can click "Submit" on the Links section to do that
[01.08.06 09:24 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
ok the admin site will be the onliest site where i dont want to post my silly comments
[27.01.07 01:43 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
You are now linked on (first, you have to login to see the comments-page) with Banner 2. Can i get money for this?
[25.02.07 10:37 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[26.08.07 12:32 AM]

[]trTahribaT Said:
banner 2 beautiful

[29.09.07 08:58 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
lmao i laughed my ass away hardly at reading that xD dunno why, but im on crack... possible, not?
[30.06.08 09:25 PM]

[]ThexDarksider Said:
everything is possible..
[01.07.08 11:33 PM]

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