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Filetype specific notes
-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.

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Prev. Name Description Author Uploaded by Works with DLs B Download
-Tower-Race-Ultimate (Scheme)
-30 sec -inf. health -inf. Banans(1 Power) -inf. gravity (optinaly) -250 mines - Sudden-Death after 20 minutes (water Rise) - Comments Diabolisch []Diabolisch 291 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Shoppa Adventures (Scheme)
for all Shopper Maps -400 mines -4 stars for minigun, cluster and bow & arrow and some funny secrets for big maps - Comments Diabolisch []Diabolisch 402 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Professional WxW (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 406 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-wkRubber Shopper (JoeProVersion) (Scheme)
~Finally, a balanced RubberShopper ~(3.6.31) - (JoeProVersion) - Comments DrewWho/JoeRogan []DrewWho 365 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Power (Scheme)
This scheme its very powerfull! Try it! - Comments Ruben []Unvalidated EmailRuben 395 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-WxW Scheme (Scheme)
WxW Scheme - Comments Z-Type []Z-Type 781 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Jet Pack War (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 374 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Balanced WxW (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 452 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Dynamic Team17 (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 393 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-ShopperQ (Scheme)
A standard shopper scheme with an even mix of all weapons - Comments Quarak []Quarak 943 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Barricade.wsc (Scheme)
Barricade yourself in or Die! INF Girders, Armageddon, Ropes, and 2x's teleport. Have a blast and watch your friends drown! - Comments dan72588 []dan72588 453 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Hysteria Arsenal (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 516 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-1HP Hysteria (Scheme)
All information about this W:A scheme here: - Comments FoxHound []FoxHound 509 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-wxw scheme (Scheme)
good wxw scheme unlimited zook 8 random mines on map 200 hp worms - Comments k0d0 []k0d0 944 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-Slaughter scheme (Scheme)
normal intermediate scheme with almost all super weapons delayed properly due to their power and effectivness :) no Sudden Death is needed when those weapons are available ;> - Comments ALCRD []alcrd 530 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-ShopperWA (Scheme)
This is Shopper scheme. -No air attack weapons(for close shoppa map). -Mine fuse set to 0 sec(more hard to rope sometimes ^^). -The worms can't move exept with the ropes(for COW players). Rules for Shopper: Les règles en francais: Good game! - Comments Kaizen []Rapp_Scalion 1024 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Grunkk's Boardgame (Scheme)
Use This For Grunkk's Boardgame - Comments Grunkk []Grunkk 582 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Rubber FLY:and:D!E (Scheme)
FLY:and:D!E scheme for wkRubberworm - Comments Gnork []Gnork 833 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Rubberworms POWER PRODDER Original (Scheme)
The Original, Basic Power Prodder Scheme - No Rules - Just survive. YOU NEED RUBBERWORMS FOR THIS TO WORK PROPERLY. Collect crates to build up health before the mines come in. - Comments MB777 []MB777 796 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Board gameV2 (Scheme)
incl bungee :p - Comments gnork []Gnork 1010 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Board game (Scheme)
Board game scheme with some xtra features - Comments gnork []Gnork 803 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Wormula 1 (Scheme)
20 secs RR scheme - 25 mines, inf. mines after 2 turns, chute. Use for Wormula 1 map. - Comments Gnork []Gnork 853 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-mine field (Scheme)
blast a worm and watch him ping pong against mines. fun game and no rules. need mine map! - Comments Fathers []Fathers 822 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Big Shopper (Scheme)
Shopper Scheme for Big Maps - Comments Baby Bear []Babybear 1658 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Minerunner ttrr (Scheme)
It's a ttrr with 250 mines, time 3 sec. You play it on normal ttrr maps. Gl&hf^^ - Comments ShAdOwFoRc3 []ShadowForceNr1 772 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-HolyWarLuckless (Scheme)
As requested a luckless version of the default hw scheme for ftms tournaments. - Comments Doubletime []doubletime 748 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Spyro Scheme (Scheme)
ok this is a Spyro Fan Scheme for all of you Spyro fans that plays Worms. It includes infenete of all the fire weapons and Freeze (W:A only), and Turn Time's 45 second and Round Time's 45 mins. In order to keep Freeze squeezed in the weaponary in W:A, i turned on Super Weapons. Well have fun! :D - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 744 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Mineria (Scheme)
1-No attacking worms. The only way to tackle a worm is pushing a mine with a gun. 2-you can not detonate the mine at the same time that you put. - Comments rodrigo []Unvalidated EmailRodrigo 807 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-RopeRace250 (Scheme)
RopeRace with 250 mines on the floor and infinite mines to drop... - Comments Gnork []Gnork 1171 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Bannana Race (Scheme)
Like Bannana Championship but with infinete Ninja Ropes. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 805 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor

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how to make your own flag & grave?
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I'm uploading my own LEGO Island 2 soundbank!!!!!!!!!! !!
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